We solve your logistics

Solid infrastructure meets technological innovation. We offer integrated logistics and advanced transportation solutions with high standards of precision, efficience and safety.

Festa Logistics

Efficiency in every detail

Behind every efficient delivery is careful planning. With solutions such as Autostore, an organized logistics network and integrated information systems, we optimize the path of your products. We reduce time and costs, affiso that you can put your energy into growing your business.

Festa Transportation

Beyond distances, close to you

Wherever your destination is, we are ready to reach it. For over 35 years we have been moving goods around the world and creating connections that go beyond places.
Through a fleet of fully Euro 6 vehicles and advanced technologies, we transport your goods throughout Italy and Europe.

Festa Distrubution

We enhance your product by delivering it

We manage and follow the journey of your products with care and attention. Each stage is a promise of excellence-we work behind the scenes to enhance the value of your goods, wherever in the world they are destined.

Logistics beyond all borders

We facilitate your business, offer targeted solutions, produce value. Logistics is our world, but your business is our focus. Learn more about how we revolutionize your perspective on warehousing and moving.

Transportation and integrated logistics

The DEMATIC Autostore is the evolution of the storage concept. With a combination of technology and intelligent automation, it offers a robotic, compact and scalable storage and retrieval solution that maximizes space and accelerates processes by allowing the supply chain to be always ready.

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