Punctuality, efficiency and accuracy also distinguish us in the distribution phase: your goods are in good hands every step of the way.

Efficient and global distribution

In our distribution vision, every movement has a clearly defined purpose. From our strategic hub to delivery services, every step is planned and optimized to ensure a steady and affidable flow of your products.

Affigiving your distribution to us means affigiving it to a well-tested machine. Our thorough processes ensure that every product arrives at its destination flawlessly. From route selection to final delivery, accuracy is our signature.

Our warehouses are more than just storage locations-they are strategic distribution hubs designed for your needs. Every product moves through the chain with efficiency: we create tailored solutions that speed up time and reduce costs.

The distribution chain

Order and contract management


Cargo pickup

Loading and unloading goods


Delivery of goods

Shipping pallets to Italy and Europe

Operating since 2002, Palletways Italy is the pioneer in the transport of palletized goods in the country. To strengthen its presence in Lombardy, it has entrusted Festa Logistics with the concession for the southern area of Brescia.

This choice not only reflects our business strategy, but also our commitment to the complex needs of our customers. Thanks to a network of more than 130 consortium members in Europe, a centralized IT structure and full flow coordination and traceability with Palletways we guarantee a high level of pallet transport service and offer our customers a wide range of services for pallet shipments in Italy and abroad, characterized by seriousness, reliability and competitive prices.

Palletways service list

  • Premium (24/48h) and Economy (48h/72h) distribution and collection;
  • Guaranteed service or possible refund of Premium delivery in case of late delivery;
  • Request for delivery dispensed in a specific time frame;
  • Assigned port from A to B, ordered by B;
  • Triangulations from A to B, ordered by C;
  • Marks;
  • Delivery to floors;
  • Delivery service to GD/GDO;
  • ADR (dangerous goods transportation) throughout the country;
  • Vehicles with hydraulic tailgate for both standard and ADR goods;
  • Management of returnable epal pallets;
  • Possibility of temporary proximity storage.
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