Integrated, traceable, secure logistics services. Since 1988 we have been meeting the needs of every customer with customizable and controlled logistics solutions.

More than 210,000 sq. m. dedicated to integrated logistics

With a focus on high efficiency and precise organization of every step, we offer a service that adapts to our customers’ specific needs. Our logistics platform, spread over more than 210,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space, is the foundation on which we build state-of-the-art solutions.

We are committed to maintaining total control of the logistics process. With our advanced tracking system, we follow every movement, ensuring constant monitoring and continuous optimization. This approach not only reduces costs and lowers time, but also ensures that every shipment is handled with the utmost accuracy.

Festa Logistics offers diverse spaces to meet the unique needs of our clients, providing flexibility for any logistics task. From the simplest requests to the most complex undertakings, we are ready to offer an adaptable platform for every requirement.


Pallets handled each year


Total pallet places


Square meters covered


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Fast and secure logistics

Integration into information systems

We work with the utmost seriousness and in total security to ensure the absolute quality of information and constant attention to the issue of cybersecurity

Goods tracking

Every step of your cargo is under control. We accurately track every movement, ensuring that you can follow the path of your products in real time.

Custom stocking

Each product has its own designated space. We create customized storage solutions for your goods, optimizing space to maximize efficiency.

Satellite monitoring

Satellite technology allows us to keep an eye on your goods wherever they go. Security and efficacy of tracking are our priorities.

3PL Logistics

Our expertise in third-party logistics (3PL) is your competitive advantage. Affidacifies the management of logistics flows, freeing you from complexity and focusing on growth.

Automated warehouse

DEMATIC our state-of-the-art automated self-storage facility redefines efficience. The combination of intelligent automation and technology revolutionizes storage and retrieval of goods.

Private customs warehouse

A crucial service in import and export transactions, it allows companies to suspend the payment of duties and customs fees until the goods are actually removed from the warehouses of the interposed company and placed on the market. In essence, through this service, Festa Logistics acts as an intermediary and guarantor between the Internal Revenue Service and Customs and a third-party company and allows the latter to plan its business activities more efficiently, avoiding the expenditure of financial resources before the goods are actually destined for sale or use.

Authorized locations for the import export of goods

With authorized locations for import/export operations, we simplify the passage of goods across borders by ensuring smooth handling of customs processes, reducing delays and optimizing delivery times.

Where we operate

With a global network and careful planning, we connect the dots in an affidable and fast way, turning distance into opportunity.

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